Canberra Knee Clinic to launch an exciting new program

Nov 21, 2019

Canberra Knee Clinic is launching the new Apple Watch App program for its patients 

Starting July 2019, Dr Brendan Klar will be offering a personalised follow up through the Apple Watch App program to eligible patients. Patients taking part in the program will receive an Apple watch that Dr Klar will use to track and log patient recovery through the app.

The app is the first collaboration between the world’s biggest wearable tech company, Apple Inc., and the orthopaedic industry, aimed at improving the patient care journey by helping them to recover after their orthopaedic surgery.  With a simple and easy to use interface, the app will help keep patients connected and informed through customised notifications, video tutorials, to-dos and reminders from Brendan Klar.

Some of the key benefits of the app include:

  • Direct communication with the Canberra Knee Clinic team through messages, reminders, and surveys
  • Remote monitoring
  • Personalised interactive exercises
  • Shorter hospital stay post-operation
  • Track overall recovery progress

For more information, please contact the CKC team to learn how this app can help transform the post-operative patient journey.

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