About our recent accreditation from the Surgical Review Corporation

Dr Brendan Klar is the first surgeon in Australia to be granted SRC Master Surgeon accreditation in Robotic Joint Replacement. He is also accredited with the National Capital Private Hospital as a Surgeon of Excellence in Joint Replacement and Robotic Joint Replacement.

Having now completed over 1000 ROSA robotic-assisted knee replacements, Dr Klar’s patients benefit from this experience.

Status as an accredited surgeon means Dr Klar has met nationally and internationally recognised standards. Not all hospitals and surgeons seek accreditation; not all that undergo the rigorous inspection process are granted accreditation.

Health care facilities and surgeons seeking an SRC accreditation undergo an extensive assessment and inspection process to ensure the applicant meets SRC’s proven standards and requirements.

These requirements include surgical volumes, facility equipment, clinical pathways and standardised operating procedures, an emphasis on patient education and continuous quality assessment. The inspection involves all staff working in the accredited program.

SRC accredits the top medical professionals and facilities in the world who are dedicated to sustaining a culture of excellence by committing to safety, high-quality surgical care, and optimal patient outcomes. This accreditation distinguishes Dr. Klar from many other surgeons for delivering the highest quality of care to patients as determined by an independent, external process of evaluation.

What does this mean for our patients?

  • SRC is independent and objective. Unlike some accreditation programs, SRC is not part of a medical society that uses its members to evaluate colleagues.
  • The requirements for accreditation programs have been proven to improve outcomes and reduce the time you will spend in the hospital.
  • Designees dedicate significant time and resources to achieve their accreditation.
  • SRC designees must adhere to meticulous accreditation standards, confirming compliance of these standards through rigorous inspections. Inspections include evaluation of: equipment used for treatment, patient education and support groups, treatment pathways and consultative services. Key members of the treatment team are interviewed.
  • Detailed medical chart reviews are performed to verify the experience of each medical professional applicant and to evaluate whether the care they provide is thorough and complete.
  • SRC is one of the few organizations that accredits both the medical facility and specific medical professionals. Many programs only accredit the hospital, not the individual who provides the care – the physician.
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