Elective Knee Surgery with CKC starts 4th June 2020.

May 27, 2020

Elective Knee Surgery with CKC starts 4th June 2020. 

After careful review of procedures and easing of restrictions on elective surgery from the Chief Medical Officer, Canberra Knee Clinic is once again delivering knee surgery. We are welcoming back patients to our practice and have new processes in place to ensure that the highest health precautions are implemented from your consultation, to your operation and through to your recovery and rehab.

So if you have been staying at home and living in pain – now is the time to help yourself and get your knee fixed.


Recover better at home.

As part of our new COVID-safe process, we have implemented a new recovery protocol for our patients undergoing a knee replacement using a customised rehab app. All patients in our program will receive their rehab exercises via a smart watch and mobile phone rehab package allowing our patients to complete their rehab in the comfort and safety of their own home. This package allows you to communicate with us via direct messaging during business hours and for us to monitor your rehab remotely. This combination of reminders, instructional rehab videos and prompts, together with access to our clinical staff and remote monitoring of your progress, means that we can get you out of hospital quicker. By so doing we are getting you back into the most COVID-safe environment there is – your own home.


Get in touch today

Book into see Dr. Klar via our website or call 02 6225 7410 to secure your appointment. Our knee arthritis information seminars will be starting back soon.

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