Browse through our frequently asked questions to get the answers you need common enquiries we receive at the clinic.


Browse through our frequently asked questions to get the answers you need common enquiries we receive at the clinic.
What are your business hours?

Our practice hours are from 9am to 5pm on Monday– Friday.

How do I make an appointment to see Dr Klar?

Please send through your GP referral along with your MRI/Xray report for Dr Klar to triage, you will then be contacted to organise a convenient appointment time.

Can I get parking at the Canberra Knee Clinic?

Canberra Knee Clinic is located at Equinox Business Park in Deakin ACT. There is ample free but time-limited surface parking and paid Wilson car-parking under building 4 in Equinox. The Wilson parking is available 7am-7pm Mon-Fri. Disabled parking is available directly outside Building 1 at Equinox Business Park.

What should I bring to the appointment?
Do I have to have an MRI before my appointment?
At Canberra Knee Clinic we can organise a same-day, in-office MRI service at competitive rates on the day you have your appointment so there is no necessity to get your MRI done earlier but feel free to do so if you prefer. Please allow extra time to get your MRI done at CKC if required.
Who will I see at my appointment?
At Canberra Knee Clinic, all patients will be personally seen and treated only by Dr Klar. If you need surgery, Dr Klar will perform it and personally supervise your recovery and rehabilitation.
If I travel to have surgery, can you suggest hotels for my family to stay in nearby?
Many patients chose to stay in hotels the night before surgery and perhaps a few nights after they are discharged from hospital. Alternatively, your family may require somewhere to reside whilst you are in the hospital. Please find a link below to a list of suggested nearby hotels.

See suggested hotels

Is the surgery bulk billed?

No, all surgery attracts a gap payment from the patient.

What services does Canberra Knee Clinic provide?
  • Specialist orthopaedic knee surgeon advice & surgery.
  • Onsite MRI facilities.
  • In-house Nutrition and Dietetics
Are Canberra Knee Clinic services covered by Medicare?

Dr Brendan Klar’s consult fee rebate:

  • Initial: $74.15
  • Rev: $37.37

MRI: non rebatable.

Dietitian: Medicare rebate available for those with a GP chronic care plan.

Do you take on workers compensation claims?

We do not see workers compensation patients.

How much do Canberra Knee Clinic services cost?

Dr Brendan Klar

  • Initial cons: $250
  • Review cons: $145

MRI: $200 (non rebatable)


  • Initial cons: $120
  • Rev cons: $90
Can I get a quote before seeing Dr Klar?

Until Dr Klar assesses what your knee problem is, we are unable to quote for surgery.

Does Dr Klar only do work on knees?

Yes, Dr Klar only operates on knees.

Does Dr Klar see public patients?

Dr Klar only works privately, he will however see patients if they are happy to pay all associated fees at private rates.

Do I need a referral to see Dr Klar?

To be able to claim back from Medicare for the appointment you will need a GP referral addressed to Dr Brendan Klar.

Do you hold information sessions?

Yes, we hold two free information sessions a month in Canberra, if you’re interested, please register here

What do you cover in the information session?

Knee arthritis and how to manage it.

I can’t make it to the information session, can I still get the information?

The free information sessions are held twice a month in Canberra. At this stage, there is no other way to get the information provided at these sessions. Session times are listed here.

Do you hold information sessions in other locations?

At this stage Dr Klar has no information sessions in any other locations, the information sessions we do hold are in Canberra. Please feel free to register your interest here.

What is Dr Klar's advice for Covid-19 and Flu vaccines?

Dr Klar offers the following advice for Covid-19 and Flu vaccines and elective knee surgery. Read more.

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