MyMobility and Rehabilitation

Canberra-based surgeon introduces Australia-first MyMobility Research Project to aid with patient recovery after total knee replacement.

MyMobility and Rehabilitation

Canberra-based surgeon introduces Australia-first MyMobility Research Project to aid with patient recovery after total knee replacement.

Canberra’s Dr Brendan Klar using ROSA the robot for a TKR. He was the first surgeon globally to complete 300 ROSA cases.

Having recently become the first surgeon worldwide to complete 300 total knee replacements with the ROSA robotic platform, Canberra-based knee surgeon Dr Brendan Klar is continuing to embrace new technologies in total knee replacement, this week launching the MyMobility Research Project (MMRP) for his patients at Canberra Knee Clinic (CKC).

MyMobility is the first collaboration between the world’s largest wearable tech company, Apple Inc., and the orthopaedic industry. The MMRP is aimed at determining if wearable technology can improve the patient journey and experience following total knee replacement (TKR). Canberra Knee Clinic is one of only two centres selected in Australia to roll-out the MyMobility programme with a second site in Melbourne also earmarked.

“MyMobility is a combination of an Apple Watch that the patient wears and an app that they can download on their iPhone. It provides the patient with personalised interactive exercises to aid in their recovery and allows us to monitor their progress in terms of pain and activity levels after their surgery,” said Dr Klar.

“Other potential benefits include a shorter hospital stay post-operation, and enhanced patient engagement. The potentially shorter hospital stay is hopefully a significant game-changer for total knee replacement recipients. Rather than sitting in a hospital bed for days on end doing rehab, patients enrolled in the MyMobility programme are empowered by this technology to discharge from hospital earlier around day 2 or 3, and complete their rehab from the comfort of their own home. Effectively, our patients will be able to choose a standard rehab stream (hospital stay 7 days) or accelerated recovery stream (hospital stay 2-3 days), enabled by MyMobility depending on their individual needs,” Dr Klar said.

According to Dr Klar, Smart Technology like MyMobility is quite likely to transform the standard of care for TKR patients moving forward. He says that time will tell once the data from this research project is analysed.

“Having been very fortunate to be able to offer ROSA robotic-assisted TKR technology to our patients in May this year as one of the first centres in the world, it is fascinating to now be able to be part of this new project. The data captured from both the ROSA and the MyMobility platforms will prove, I think, invaluable in the future in areas such as training new surgeons,” he continued.

Key features of the MyMobility App include ease of use across all age groups; as well as enhanced communication, education and feedback between patients and their surgeon.

“It is exciting to now be able to offer patients a ROSA robotic total knee replacement and support them through their surgery and rehabilitation with state-of-the-art wearable technology delivered via MyMobility.
In the near future, if this technology proves to be of benefit to patients, we expect wearable devices such as these will become mainstream for our TKR recipients.” Dr Klar noted.

Eligible patients opting to take part in the MMRP will be provided with an Apple Watch pre-surgery and can download the MyMobility App to their phone to log their recovery and progress. The Apple Watch and MyMobility App will be provided as part of the research project to study participants and the program will run for 12 months post-operation, collecting data over this period.

Dr Klar expects that within the next few weeks the first patients to have TKR in Canberra and wider Australia will be enrolled in the study and given access to MyMobility; with potential for their relevant surgery to be performed in early 2020.

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