Procedures we perform

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Knee Procedures we perform

At Canberra Knee Clinic we were the first and remain the only orthpaedic practice in Canberra to focus on knee surgery alone.

The procedures we commonly perform are listed below. Please click on these procedures to read more about each procedure.


Day-stay keyhole knee surgery

Meniscus Surgery

Repair or trimming of a torn shock-absorber

Primary Knee Replacement

First knee replacement

Revision Knee Replacement

Subsequent replacement after the 1st

ACL Reconstruction

Replace the torn anterior cruciate ligament


Straighten the knee and leg

Patella Stabilisation

Prevent knee-cap instability

Knee Fractures

Broken thigh/knee cap/shin bones


Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Cartilage Surgery

Improve the surfaces of the knee joint

Multi-Ligament Knee Surgery

Reconstruct 1 torn ligament


Remove inflamed lining of the knee

PCL Reconstruction

Replace the torn posterior cruciate ligament

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