Robotic Total Knee Replacement

The latest generation of knee replacement robots from the world’s largest orthopaedic company.

Dr Klar was the first surgeon globally to complete 350 Robotic-Assisted TKR since its launch in Canberra in May 2019, and has now completed over 1,000.

This experience has seen surgeons from India, Japan, Perth, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst and Adelaide visit him to learn about Robotic-Assisted total knee replacements. Dr Klar happily teaches other surgeons about this exciting cutting-edge technology. Like any new techniques in surgery, there is a learning curve to each technique and Dr Klar has completed not only many more robotic TKR cases than most surgeons in Australia, but also globally. Many surgeons have done a few robotic knee replacements but very few have completed the number Dr Klar has completed.

Recent studies confirm the high-accuracy achievable with the robotic system. Read more about the Accuracy of a New Robotically Assisted Technique for TKR.

Time will tell how much benefit patients gain from this technology but by staying at the forefront of surgical improvisation and techniques Dr Klar can offer his patients the best opportunity for high satisfaction rates after knee replacement.

If robotics is what you are waiting for, make an appointment to meet Dr Klar to discuss how Robotic-Assisted knee replacement can help you rectify your knee pain.

A recent study published in July 2018 comparing 80 patient’s undergoing TKR (40 done with a robot and 40 without) all done by a single surgeon showed superior early recovery for those who had the robotic-assisted TKR.

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