Pre-Operation Checklist & Timeline

Your CKC team cares a great deal about your outcome. To optimise your outcome, we have created a helpful timeline full of useful hints to refer to leading up to your TKR.

Your Body 

8 weeks pre-op

Exercise 30min per day starting 8 weeks pre-op.

  • The concept of Prehab not just Rehab is useful.
  • Get up a sweat.
  • Use an exercise bike, a lap-pool or a rowing machine.
  • Hydro/Aqua classes are a great way to get fit whilst not making your knee angry.
  • Train the muscles in your arms and legs to be stronger.
    • Remember you will have to use crutches and strong arms/shoulders helps a lot.
  • See a physio, personal trainer or gym near you for prehab if you need guidance.

    Your Immune System

    7 weeks pre-op

    A healthy immune system fights off infection so build yours by:

    • Eating well focusing on lots of vegetables, fresh-fruits and lean proteins.
    • Avoiding fast-food, take-aways and avoid heavily-processed meals.
    • Keep your diabetes tightly controlled with your HbA1C < 7.
    • Get 8 hours of sleep at night.
    • Stopping all alcohol.
    • Stopping all nicotine products.
      • This makes your chance of pneumonia and lung clots (PE) much lower.
      • Your wound healing is far better when you don’t smoke.

    Your Legal Affairs

    6 weeks pre-op

    Now is a good time to organise:

    • Your Will & Power of Attorney.
    • Your Advanced Health Directive.
    • Your important paperwork like life-insurance policies.
    • It’s not superstitious or pessimistic – just clever to be organised.

    Your House

    5 weeks pre-op

    • Look after man’s/woman’s best friend.
      • Book your dog & cat into your local kennel/cattery.
    • Avoid falling over at home post-op.
      • Move mats, rugs and power-cords to avoid tripping.
      • Purchase night lights to leave-on at night to light the way to your toilet.
    • Fit handrails.
      • Handrails from Bunnings should be fitted to bathrooms and stairways if needed.
    • Prepare meals you like and label/date/freeze for use post-surgery.
    • Prepare to sleep in a downstairs bedroom if possible.
    • Sign-up for grocery online deliveries.
      • Save your order online & submit when you know what day you will be discharged.
    • Arrange a hand around the house with a gardener to mow lawns, sweep paths etc.

    Your Support Person

    4 weeks pre-op

    • Have a close friend or family member nominated as your SP and ready to help.
    • They can be on standby and in this way avoid being out-of-town when you need them most.
    • They can help with driving to and from the hospital and driving to appointments at CKC.
    • They should stay with you for a few days while you settle-in at home.
    • They can help with shopping, collecting prescriptions and running errands & chores.
    • They can be your second set of ears at appointments.

    Your Apple Watch Assisted App

    3 weeks pre-op


    • Check-in with CKC to complete your app enrolment.
    • Sign the study enrolment consent at CKC.
    • CKC will call you when your Apple Watch is ready for collection at CKC.

    Your Medications

    2 weeks pre-op

    • Staying accidentally on your blood thinners can cause delays in your surgery.
    • Please stop any blood thinners as directed by Dr Klar.
    • If you are not sure please call CKC to check.


    Your Skin

    10 days pre-op

    • Moisturise the skin on your legs daily for two weeks pre-op.
    • Wear long trousers to prevent scratches, abrasions and grazes.
    • Remember that damaged skin can cause surgery cancellation.
    • Healthy skin lowers the chance of infection.
    • Stay out of the garden/workshop/garage as scratches commonly occur here.

    Your Aids

    7 days pre-op

    Hire the following from your local chemist, ACT Health loans service or Mobility Matters:

    • Canadian crutches.
    • Elevated over-toilet seat.
    • Shower chair.
    • High-back day chair with adjustable height legs.
    • Long shoe-horn.
    • Pick-up grasper/reacher.
    • Delivery is available.

    Your Transport

    5 days pre-op

    • Remember you can’t drive for a while.
    • Consider taxi coupons.
    • Ask family/friends/support person to be available as drivers.
    • Get familiar with Uber on your phone… it’s reliable & easy-to-use

    Your Paperwork

    4 days pre-op

    • Call the hospital and check they have all the necessary paperwork.

    Your Apple Watch Assisted App

    3 days pre-op

    • Check you have the app downloaded on your phone.
    • Run through how to use the app.

    Your Bags

    2 days pre-op

    • Pack loose-fitting clothes and slip-on shoes.
    • Pack shower essentials like toothbrush, combs/brushes, deodorant and shaving equipment etc.
    • Bring an iPad, books, chargers & Wi-Fi tools as hospital Wi-Fi can be slow.

    Your Admission

    1 day pre-op

    • It’s time to check with the hospital when you should fast from and when to arrive for admission.
    • Call 6222 6666 at the time requested the day before your surgery to check these times.
    • Body pre-op wash.
      • Remember to wash your whole body from head-to-toe including all the nooks and crannies with the 3M.
      • Do this the night before your op and 2hrs before your surgical time.

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