Dr Klar’s personal TKR Results explained

Dr Klar’s outcomes for TKR are shown below. Dk Klar is highlighted as the green diamond and those surgeons below the green line are better than average for outcomes following TKR. This confidential data is sourced from the Australian Joint Replacement Registry 2019 publication. Dr Klar chooses to make this personal data public because he believes patients have the right to know how a surgeon compares to other surgeons in terms of complications.

A number of different funnel plots are presented, each reflecting a different outcome of interest. Each dot on the funnel plot represents an individual surgeon’s proportion of revisions against the number of procedures they have undertaken. This analysis has been adjusted for age and gender.

Dr Klar’s results are represented by the green diamond.

The green line represents the average performance for all surgeons. The orange and red lines represent the 95% and 99.7% upper confidence limits. Surgeons above the red line have a higher than expected proportion of revisions. The results should be interpreted with caution when the total number of procedures you have undertaken is small.

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